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Low Intensity Laser Therapy Textbooks:

Rejuvenation is a laser book which gives Easy Step-by-Step Instructions for you to use an inexpensive red laser pointer to treat many chronic conditions at home: Teeth - Gums - Bone - Diabetic Neuropathy - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Bursitis - Tendinitis - Rotator Cuff Problems - Middle Age Low Testosterone - Low Thyroid - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Low blood pressure - Fatigue - Heart problems - Stroke recovery - and much more... The FDA has approved the sale of lasers for conditions such as muscle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, hair regrowth, and others. The research goes back over 30 years, with over 3000 peer-reviewed reports published. The laser book "Rejuvenation" includes almost 300 such references. Don't leave this page without buying this book - The quicker you get started, the quicker you'll see results!

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Supplements That Work:

EFAC stands for "Esterified Fatty Acid Complex" It is in Celadrin. It works great on osteoarthritis and inflammation anywhere in the body. It does this without the stomach irritation of NSAIDs.

Calcium and Magnesium are necessary for so many of our bodies' functions. Especially helpful for restless leg syndrome.

L-Arginine relaxes the blood vessels, and improves the linings of your arteries. Anyone with heart issues should consider trying one a day.

TMG supports the liver and adds much needed stamina!

5-HTP is a powerful serotonin precurser, (building block.) It has a natural anti-depressant effect.

Laser Light Therapy

Everybody Should Have This Book!

Laser Light Therapy

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Your $20 Laser Pointer That Could Affect Your Life:

  • You could have renewed energy, stronger teeth and gums, and less chronic pain.
  • You could become a new, thinner, you!
  • There are over 2400 published research articles that cumulatively prove low laser illumination to be safe and effective for a host of health issues.

One Hundred Years

Please allow me give you a glimpse into the far future; let’s say one hundred years from now. Endocrinologists will be using laser rejuvenation light as one of their primary modes of treatment. They will stimulate the thyroid in low thyroid conditions. They will use laser light therapy on the adrenal glands and perhaps the ovaries to ease the transition of menopause.

They will eventually hand the work over to licensed coherent light therapists by prescription. Tonsillectomies will always be followed with at least one thirty-second (or less) dose of laser rejuvenation light. Many sinus problems will be treated with laser light therapy before drugs are tried. Ulcerative colitis will have its Laser light therapy protocols, starting with very low doses, followed by increasingly normal doses of coherent light. Rheumatoid arthritis will be nothing more than an inconvenience; most will not need the drugs we use for it today. The pancreas of diabetes mellitus patients will always be treated by Laser light therapy because laser light therapy will always decrease the need for insulin or drugs, if not eliminate the need completely. For those with genetic markers for cancer, llaser light therapy will routinely be used for prevention of…

- Breast cancer

- Cancer of the cervix

Here are some more conditions in which laser light therapy will prevent onset or worsening:

- Heart disease

- Alzheimer’s disease

- Stroke from aneurism

- Root canal avoidance and prevention

- Alveolar regression

In one hundred years, laser light therapy will dominate: 

- Geriatric medicine

- Physical medicine

- Endocrinology

In one hundred years, laser light therapy will be always used following:

 - General surgery

 – Wound healing

 – Burn treatment

 – Plastic surgery

 – Dental implant surgery

The male hormone testosterone deficiency will be boosted by illuminating the testicles with this LILT Laser Book.29 

This can help in the area of mens health. Local growth factor production will be increased for the elderly and for body builders by treating their muscles with polarized light or polarized coherent light.30

Many others and I honestly expect that many of the above predictions will be proven over time. Throughout the world, much of it is being done right now. The fact is that you can rejuvenate things that you have not thought about just because it did not seem possible. You can treat many of the “itises” you may be experiencing. You can become younger and stay younger longer. Healthier.

Laser rejuvenation light , or as described in the LILT Laser Book are just other ways to describe the significant effects of coherent light on tissues and body systems.

Low level laser treatment of the prostate gland has been shown to be helpful in healing prostatitis.


You are encouraged to examine the other sections of this site about rejuvenation. We have much information about the heart, and how you can possibly prevent a heart attack, and actually treat yourself after a heart attack.  You can certainly make your heart healthier. We have a remedy for avoiding some root canals,. You can help insure a successful tooth implant procedure.

You can treat yourself while recovering from a strokePhysical therapy is starting to use different types of rejuvenation with light therapy in the United States. If you have hypothyroidism, (“low thyroid” function,) there is a hopeful answer. This can be addressed by illuminating the thyroid gland with coherent light, otherwise known as laser light therapy, laser rejuvenation light, cold laser therapy, low laser therapy, low level laser therapy, and a few other names.  

Mens health can be positively affected in cases of low testosterone. You can increase testosterone levels illuminating the testicles with a small amount of coherent light. It only takes the same amount energy as a small 1-watt light bulb that is only on for one third of a second. Take that amount of energy and spread it out over one to 5 minutes. That is why this is safe. 

We are only touching the surface of what is ahead in the way of laser light therapy. A weight loss diet obviously helps with weight loss, but illumination of the low thyroid gland may accelerate and amplify your results! Obesity and other over weight conditions should be helped by reversing the hypothyroidism condition with coherent light. You will most likely achieve weight loss without a weight loss diet. 

Medical science has this great information available, but mostly ignores it. There’s just no money in it. The body systems are covered in this book as well. Body Systems are influenced by laser light therapy. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a huge problem for many people, and you can find the answer here. People with diabetes often suffer from diabetic neuropathy, which typically exhibits itself as diabetic numb feet. Someone with diabetes and other related problems responds remarkably well when a laser is used properly. 

Many dental dental problems are easily tamed with coherent light. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an easy problem to fix in most cases. A person with carpal tunnel syndrome, a laser pointer, and this LLLT Laser Book will not have carpal tunnel pain for very long! 

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* The information provided in this book should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction as it is for educational purposes only. This book, the publisher and the author make no claims about prevention of, diagnosis for, treatments for, or cures of specific ailments or diseases. If you have a medical condition you should seek professional medical advice from your physician. This book is not a substitute for the medical advice, counsel and treatment of medical professionals. This book should be used only as reference tool to assist you. No action should be taken by anyone based solely on the contents of this book. While this book represents helpful information it is impossible for any book to be able to identify you or your loved one’s medical problems or to make specific medical recommendations for you or a loved one. One’s medical needs, specific treatment options, specific medical care, and specific treatment fees can only be determined after clinically seeking the recommendation of licensed medical professionals. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being. The information and opinions provided here are believed to be accurate and sound, based on the best judgment available to the author, but readers who fail to consult appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries. The author or publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions.